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  • My passion for cannabis grew while seeing the benefits this plant has to offer and the pain relief it provides for myself and others.

  • My hobbies are outdoor activities in warm weather and family time.

  • Favorite products are tinctures, topicals and prerolls.

  • I've loved budtending in La Pine for over 4 years and continue to be amazed by all the versatile ways this plant can better the peoples lives and bring the community together. Grateful to be at HD Botanicals!

  • I like to pair cannabis with movement in the outdoors while running, hiking or biking.

  • Favorite products are edibles, tinctures, rolling joints and vape pens. Always trying new products, lately playing around with different THC/CBD and THC/CBN ratios for daytime/nighttime medicine.

  • After nearly four years working in the industry I have found my true passion for helping others find the right combination of cannabinoids and terpenes that work for them the same way I have done for myself through trial and error.

  • In my spare time I love hiking, biking and kayaking with my fiancĂ© our pup Jellybean. Being outdoors and smoking all the joints are my jam.

  • My favorite products are prerolls from: Pruf, SugarTop Buddery, Lyrics and Goodsmoke. I also love a plethora of edibles, syrups, tinctures and topicals that we carry at HD.

  • I used to have the misconception that cannabis is only for recreational use, but cannabis is a giving plant. It benefits me mentally, physically and emotionally. I'm grateful to have been in the cannabis industry for the last 2 years. HD Botanicals provides me the opportunity to learn and educate others on how this magical plant can improve their quality of life like it has mine.

  • Hobbies include creative activities, soaking up the sun and traveling.

  • Favorite products are prerolls, CBG, and products that alleviate pain.

  • I love serving the diverse customer base in and around La Pine. I enjoy helping others that have issues with pain, anxiety or need help sleeping.

  • My hobbies include soaking in the sunshine, spending time with my family and of course taking in the many varieties of cannabis products.

  • I enjoy edibles, prerolls and dabs.

  • My passion for cannabis grew when I saw my grandma battle cancer. I saw her struggling with what the doctors have prescribed and the only thing she wanted was some good flower and dabs.

  • Favorite hobby is hanging on the beach.

  • Favorite products are good dank bud and rosin tinctures.

  • My parents are the owners of HD. I grew up around cannabis cultivation and also the knowledge of how this wonderful plant can be beneficial medically. I have recently started consuming myself and enjoy learning about terpenes and how they play a role in the products I enjoy. I enjoy drawing, and being in nature, and am currently enrolled in tattoo school.

  • My favorite strains are sativa for creative inspiration.

  • Loves Happy Cabbage gummies and PRUF prerolls.

  • Hello, My name is Julian. I'm 23 years old from Pittsburgh PA.

  • Favorite hobbies include mixed martial arts (MMA) and photography.

  • I love everything there is about cannabis from joints, blunts, edibles, flower and extracts. I don't care as long as it has a capital THC on it, I'll take it.

Along with a friendly greeting, each of our budtenders can help navigate a person to find a product that best fits there needs. Our staff is constantly researching cannabis related subjects and information, including terpene values and their effects, different cannabinoids and their effects, cannabis strains, product identification and new products from around the state.