Cannabis Experience from Seed to Table

Our expert can show you how to obtain an OLCC license and give insight on operations, including management and marketing. Matt has a passion for cannabis cultivation and can give great insight into growing in harsh climates, specifically in the hard climate of Central Oregon.

Business consulting

Matt specializes in retail management and has unique problem solving skills for market trends and future insights. He can assist in retail operations to cannabis cultivation.

  • Business operations

  • Cannabis cultivation from seed to harvest

  • Inventory management

  • Retail management


Free consultations.
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Personal consulting

Guide people on an alternate path of medicine by exploring cannabis products to reach a personal level of happiness for each and everyone. Consultations consist of small grow operations centered on low cost to more sophisticated operations.

  • Medical garden compliance

  • Small home grows

  • Plant & soil nutrients

  • Indoor, outdoor & greenhouses


Free consultations.

$50 per hour with a 2 hour minimum.

Matt Toepfer

Matt has a wide range of talents from cultivation to established retail ownership.

  • 23+ Years of cannabis experience

  • 15+ years in retail management

  • Specializes in high desert cultivation

  • Active in local community outreach